Buying a new car isn't for everyone. At Kenny Ross, we want every driver throughout North Huntington, Adamsburg and Somerset to shop a wide range of options - including high-quality used cars.

Buying a used car has a variety of benefits. Most obviously, you'll save a considerable amount of money when you buy a used car. Other perks of opting for a used mode include lower monthly payments (and subsequently, the chance to pay off your loan sooner), and less depreciation. Buying used also means you might find a great deal on a luxury car, truck or SUV that you might not have considered buying at its new price.

The Kenny Ross team carefully chooses each used car, truck or SUV we bring into our used car inventory because we only want to offer the best available options for our guests. We'll chat with you about your price point and the body style you're leaning towards so we can show you the used cars that best line up with your needs. We're here to offer you a great price on a used car that includes the performance, features and capabilities you're seeking on a daily basis.

Shop used cars at any Kenny Ross location and save big on your next vehicle.

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