Most Fuel Efficient Cars

5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars Under $20K

If  you're looking for a vehicle with great gas mileage, you probably fall  into one of 3 categories. Either you want to help protect the  environment (which is great!), you want to save a few bucks on gas or,  most likely, a little bit of both. The problem is, many hybrids and  electric cars come with a high price tag - which means you're stuck  doing the math on whether or not your fuel savings will even edge out  the higher cost of your monthly car payment.


That's why we've taken the time to compile our list of the 5 most fuel efficient cars for under $20,000.


2016 Mazda3 iSport


Starting  at just $17,845, this 2.0L sedan manages to 41 mpg on the highway. Even  though it's classified as a "compact," the Mazda3 can still fit 5  passengers comfortably. Throw in a sporty design and loads of tech and  safety options and it's no wonder that this car has been named "10 Best"  by Car and Driver 3 years in a row.


2016 Chevy Cruze


Bold  styling, a comfy interior, plenty of storage space, 4G LTE Wifi - The  Chevy Cruze has it all. But all those features don't hinder the Cruze's  fuel efficiency, which boasts and impressive 42 mpg on the highway. And,  with a starting price of just $16,620, the Chevy Cruze proves that you  can "have it all" without paying an arm and a leg.


2016 Honda Civic


Honda  has always been synonymous with fuel efficiency and the 2016 sedan is  no exception - getting up to 31 mpg in the city and 42 mpg highway. It's  sharp looks add even more value to it's already reasonable $18,640  starting price.


2016 Nissan Sentra


If  safety AND fuel efficiency are at the top of your list, check out the  2016 Nissan Sentra. With 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway,  the Sentra will certainly save you money on gas. A robust selection of  safety options like Nissan Safety Shield Technologies may save something  even more important. Bundle that all up with a reasonable $16,780 price  tag, and you've got a sedan you can count on.


2016 Toyota Prius c


When  it comes to pure fuel efficiency, the 2016 Toyota Prius c is the big  player amongst compact cars, boasting an incredible 53 mpg city and 46  mpg highway. Not only can you go farther for less cash in the Prius, but  the comfortable interior and top-of-the-line technology makes those  long road trips more fun, as well! Starting at just $19,560, this is the  kind of car that will continue to save you money for years on end.


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