5 Insider Tips To Buy Used Cars Near Pittsburgh PA

So you're in the market for a Used Car, but you don't know where to start. Here is the insider's take on how to save time & money.

1) Verified Warranty and 100-Day Guarantee  

Many people don't realize that you can acquire a used car that still has a factory warranty. Many new cars at come with 5-year warranties, a lot of those same cars are returned after their 3-year lease.  So that means you, the buyer, get 2 year of warranty left on the vehicle that will transfer to you when you purchase the car.  

And, at Kenny Ross, our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles come with a 100-day Guarantee, no matter what, because we want you to feel confident when you drive off the lot.  That's something you won't get from a private dealer.

2) Car History and Re-Conditioning Packet

When you buy a used car at Kenny Ross, you're given the vehicles complete history, so there won't be any mystery or surprises.

Every Used car undergoes a rigorous 136-point quality assurance inspection to assure that it's looking its best and running at peak performance.

Kenny Ross also provides a reconditioning packet, telling you exactly what work we've done and what was replaced to get the car back into factory shape, such as batteries, brake rotors, light bulbs, windshield wipers, fuses and air filters.

3) No Hidden Fees

If you buy a used car with us, you can rest assured that you wouldn't be hit with hidden fees, like shipping and holding fees, saving you hundreds of dollars.

4) You can get approved RIGHT NOW

Visit for our online finance center and get qualified for the car you want today!  So go ahead, browse our stock of over 1,800 used cars and trucks and be sure to lock in a special interest rate right away!

5) If You Don't Love It, Bring It Back!

Everyone loves test-driving a car.  How about a test drive that lasts 7 days?  When you purchase a car at Kenny Ross, you can return the vehicle within 7 days.

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