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Buying a car is a big decision. As exciting as it is, it can be scary too.

Owning or leasing a car is an investment, and it is always wise to

protect your investments. You can be the safest driver in the world and

still end up on the road with the wrong person. There are some things

that are out of your control. The most you can do is to be prepared for

anything, including the worst. That's why Kenny Ross offers a Vehicle

Protection program, to keep you covered if the unexpected happens.


The program includes GAP Coverage, which covers the difference

between what you still owe on the vehicle and the actual cash value,

if the car is considered a total loss. Also included is a high mileage

protection plan that covers major repairs that may occur after factory

warranties end. This program is designed to keep you stress free for

years after the purchase or lease of your car. Getting this program

today will keep you protected tomorrow. Call or stop by today to

learn more!


- Vehicle Protection Plan (extended warranty).pdf

- Car Care Service Plan (maintenance).pdf

- Total Loss Protection (GAP).pdf

- Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection.pdf

- Excess Wear and Tear for Leased Vehicles.pdf

- High Mileage Vehicle Protection Plan (extended warranty).pdf

- Ding Shield (Dent Wizard).pdf



















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